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Recipes for Joyous, No-Pressure Fun in the Kitchen

Tamron and Lish Cooking
“I want the person reading A Confident Cook to say, ‘I want to sit at that table with them. I want to have that breakfast sandwich with them. And, I want to make it for my friends or my family!”

tamron hall

“One of the biggest compliments I received with friends testing recipes was when they would say, ‘I could hear you guys talking to me. I could feel you in the kitchen standing next to me.”

Lish Steiling

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When Tamron Hall and Lish Steiling first met while working at the Today show, they never imagined that their friendship would lead to endless kitchen adventures filled with laughs, learning, and even tears of pure joy. In A Confident Cook, they share that same empowerment and excitement with those who are just beginning to cook.

Learn how to select the tools you need (and skip the ones you don’t!), how to stock your pantry, and how to cook for one, two, or a whole group. This book is packed with scrumptious recipes, including Baked French Toast with Sparkling Berries, Crispy FriedChicken, Harissa Roasted Carrots with Queso Fresco, and Chai-Spiced Pudding, as wel las cocktails and mocktails like the delicious “Not Tonight, Satan.” Throughout, Lish and Tamron chat, teach, learn, and inspire you to keep it going in the kitchen!

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"Lucky Tamron to have a gifted teacher like Lish to guide her! This is a perfect first cookbook for anyone who wants to have more confidence in the kitchen.."

Giada De Laurentiis

"A Confident Cook is what happens when two genuine pros collaborate—in this case, a seasoned chef and an acclaimed host/interviewer. Together, Tamron and Lish get at the very heart and soul of cooking, why it matters, how it connects us, and how truly satisfying it can be when done with patience and love. Theirs is a friendship worth celebrating!"

Gail Simmons

"Lish and Tamron’s passion for cooking and sharing meals with family and friends comes crashing through the pages of this playful compendium of simple, delicious recipes and techniques. The book is chatty and personal, with very clear directions on how to really set up your kitchen and become a confident cook. With irresistible recipes like Big Citrus Dutch Baby with Ice Cream Sauce for brunch and Chicken Thighs with Dates and Olives for dinner, I am in. You need this book!"

Suzanne Goin

“A Confident Cook is the perfect title for this book. It will give you the skills and tips you've always wanted and will make you feel great in the kitchen. It is amazing to see a professional like Lish teach her friend Tamron the ins and outs of cooking. Lish makes everything look so easy due to her vast background, and has an extremely wide range of what she can cook. You will use this book day in and day out as your reference bible for things we all want to master—the perfectly cooked eggs, the crispiest roast chicken, the ultimate potatoes, the simplest desserts that will make you look like a pro. Brava, Tamron and Lish.”

Missy Robbins

“Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other! A Confident Cook is not your average recipe collection. It's a conversation between friends. Join Lish and Tamron as they deliver simple and tasty twists to your favorite dishes, from classics to favorites. Get ready to explore a whole new world of deliciousness!”

Carla Hall

“Tamron and Lish’s cookbook proves that food has the power to connect people and they invite you along to share in that gift. This book has everything—how to build your pantry, how to decide which gadgets you really do need, how to cook basics like eggs and bacon perfectly, and how to make risotto as well as delicious recipes like grilled cheese and crispy fried chicken. You can feel the love that Tamron and Lish have for their family and friends by the care and details they put into these recipes, and the best part is that they want to share it with us, too!”

Kristen Kish

What You'll Discover in this Book

More than 75 approachable no-fuss, big flavor recipes
Learn how to choose the essential cooking tools you actually need (and skip the ones you don’t!)
Tips on how to stock your pantry and what you should keep on hand
How to cook for a party of one, two or a family!

About the authors

Tamron hall

An Emmy Award–winning television host and executive producer of the syndicated talk show Tamron Hall, a best-selling author, a self-taught cook, and a mother. Born and raised in Texas, Tamron had her culinary senses ignited at an early age by her grandfather Louis Mitchell, a BBQ pit master, and the bond they developed around food. She has guest judged on Food Network’s BeatBobby Flay and Emeril Live, and she’s a longtime supporter and participant of leading culinary events such as the James Beard Awards, Food & Wine Classic, and New York City Wine & Food Festival. Off air, Tamron enjoys cooking at home, with friends and family gathered around the table.

Lish steiling

A chef, food stylist, recipe writer, and James Beard Award– and EmmyAward–winning culinary producer. She is a co-founder of the brand The Taste Curators and is a recurring chef on Epicurious’s YouTube channel. Lish was also a champion onFood Network’s Chopped. She has worked for and contributed to the Today show, FoodNetwork, the New York Times, the Tamron Hall show, Vanity Fair, Giadzy, and the Kitchn, among others.